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5th Annual Workshop


Applicants came from institutions across the country, including:

  • Baylor College of Medicine

  • UC Davis

  • Gundersen Health System

  • Hospital General San Juan de Dios

  • University of Colorado

  • UPMC Pinnacle

  • University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

  • University of Connecticut

  • UT Southwestern

  • OHSU

  • Bassett Medical Center

  • UCSF

We also had our first international resident who trained in Guatemala:

  • Hospital General San Juan de Dios

We were fortunate enough to host Dr. John Lawrence, president of Doctors Without Borders-USA (also known as Medicins Sans Frontieres or MSF), as our guest lecturer this year. Dr. Lawrence has served as president and vice president of the board for MSF-USA and as a surgeon in the Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Liberia. Adding greatly to the course, Dr. Lawrence was able to facilitate wonderful discussions on global health and expound upon his experiences and challenges working with MSF.

We look forward to his continued partnership and anticipate working with him in the upcoming years.


24 faculty members from 9 surgical specialties volunteered to be instructors:

General Surgery

  • Todd Arcomano

  • Paul Montero

  • Laura Harmon

  • John Lawrence


  • Brent O'Neill

  • David Ormond

  • Jennifer Kang

Thoracic Surgery

  • Robert Meguid


  • Jenny Hong

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Amir Nojoumi 

Vascular Surgery

  • Mark Nehler

  • Max Wohlauer

  • Dan Murphy

  • David Kuwayama

  • John Eun

Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Jaime Arruda

Hand Surgery

  • Kyros Ipaktchi

  • Stephanie Malliaris

  • Jhade Woodall


  • Brian Shaw

  • Christopher Kleck

  • Danial Moon

  • Julia Sanders

  • Bennie Lindeque

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