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The 4th Annual Global Humanitarian Surgical Skills Workshop of 2018 was another success! 


27 residents around the country applied for 12 spots, and came from institutions across the country, including:

  • University of Vermont

  • University of Texas-Medical Branch and -Southwestern

  • St. Joseph's Hospital of Colorado

  • Oregon Health

  • Wright State University

  • Boston Medical Center

  • University of California-Davis

  • Medstar Union Memorial Hospital

  • University of Colorado

  • John Hopkins University


23 faculty members from 10 surgical specialties volunteered to be instructors, including:

  • Dr. David Kuwayama (vascular)

  • Dr. Mark Nehler (vascular)

  • Dr. Omid Jazaeri (vascular)

  • Dr. Ernest "Gene" Moore (trauma)

  • Dr. Fred Deleyiannis (plastics)

  • Dr. Tae Chong (plastics)

  • Dr. Matt Iorio (plastics)

  • Dr. Brooke French (plastics)

  • Dr. Todd Arcomano (general)

  • Dr. Paul Montero (general)

  • Dr. Gregory Stiegmann (general)

  • Dr. Karsten Bartels (anesthesia)

  • Dr. Jaime Arruda (OBGYN)

  • Dr. David Ormond (neurosurgery)

  • Dr. Ramesh Kumar (neurosurgery)

  • Dr. Brent O'Neill (neurosurgery)

  • Dr. Colby Simmons (anesthesia)

  • Dr. Robert Meguid (thoracic)

  • Dr. Kyros Ipaktchi (hand)

  • Dr. Stephanie Malliaris (hand)

  • Dr. Sanjeev Puri (hand)

  • Dr. Bennie Lindeque (ortho)

  • Dr. Brian Shaw (ortho)

  • Dr. Christopher Kleck (ortho)

  • Dr. Daniel Moon (ortho)

2018 Global Humanitarian Surgical Skills Workshop

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