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2017 Workshop

This year, we selected 12 residents (out of 25 applications) from the following programs to participate in our course:

  • Boston Medical Center

  • Cornell

  • Pittsburg

  • UC Davis

  • University of Buffalo

  • Vanderbilt

  • Beth Israel

  • St. Joseph's Hospital, Denver

  • Ohio State University

  • OHSU

  • Guthrie/ Robert Packer Clinic

As always, we had an amazing cohort of volunteer faculty from the University of Colorado Hospital teach our course. We would like to thank the following 20 faculty members from 9 surgical specialties:

  • Vascular Surgery - David Kuwayama, Mark Nehler, Ashley Vavra, Greg Magee                                         

  • Plastic Surgery - Brooke French, David Mathes, Tae Chong

  • General Surgery - Todd Arcomano, Paul Montero

  • Anesthesia - Fareed Azam

  • OBGYN - Jaime Arruda

  • Neurosurgery - Gene Bolles, Brent O’Neill

  • Thoracic Surgery - Robert Meguid

  • Hand Surgery - Kyros Ipaktchi, Stephanie Malliaris, Sanjeev Puri

  • Orthopedics - Brian Shaw, Daniel Moon, Christopher Kleck

Read our press release in the University of Colorado's Global Health Link newsletter:

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