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2016 Workshop

The 2016 workshop was a success!  We are dedicated to providing the best experience possible, therefore class size was kept small with a cadaver/faculty to student ratio of 1:4. 


36 residents around the country applied for 12 spots, and came from the following institutions:

  • Abington Hospital

  • University of Arkansas

  • University of Colorado

  • University of Connecticut

  • Christiana Care Hospital

  • Cornell University

  • University of Mississippi

  • Oregon Health and Sciences University

  • Universty of Vermont

  • Wright State University


22 faculty members from 9 surgical specialties at the University of Colorado volunteered to be instructors:

  • Dr. David Kuwayama (vascular)

  • Dr. Ashley Vavra (vascular)

  • Dr. Omid Jazaeri (vascular)

  • Dr. Gregory Magee (vascular)

  • Dr. Fred Deleyiannis (plastic)

  • Dr. Tae Chong (plastics)

  • Dr. Todd Arcomano (general)

  • Dr. Paul Montero (general)

  • Dr. Gregory Stiegmann (general)

  • Dr. Karsten Bartels (anesthesia)

  • Dr. Jaime Arruda (OBGYN)

  • Dr. David Ormond (neurosurgery)

  • Dr. Steve Carr (neurosurgery)

  • Dr. Ramesh Kumar (neurosurgery)

  • Dr. Robert Meguid (thoracic)

  • Dr. Melissa Gorman (orthopedics)

  • Dr. Rick Bowles (orthopedics)

  • Dr. Bennie Lindeque (orthopedics)

  • Dr. Brian Shaw (orthopedics)

  • Dr. Kyros Ipaktchi (hand surgery)

  • Dr. Stephanie Malliaris (hand)

  • Dr. Michael Pensak (hand)


2nd Annual Humanitarian Surgical Skills Workshop   >>>>

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